This is my (David Hebbeker's) personal home page where some hand-picked information about myself can be found.


I was born in in Meyrin, Switzerland. My parents are Florence Hebbeker and Thomas Hebbeker. I studied “Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering” at the RWTH Aachen University and graduated as Master of Science in . Before I lived in Gex (France), Königs Wusterhausen (Germany), and Kelmis (Belgium). After my gradutiation I moved to Friedrichshafen (Germany) where I have been working as a software developer. Since I live in Stuttgart where I work as an engineer.


You may write me an e-mail through:


Please replace <forename> with my first name and <surname> with my family name! This measure shall prevent my e-mail address to be collected automatically in order to send junk messages to me. Please encrypt your messages using my public PGP key whenever possible.

You can also find me on Mastodon or visit my GitHub account.